why work with parallel?



We take an iterative approach to product development that values results over red-tape. We'll use all of our available resources to get your idea from concept to functioning product as efficiently as possible.


We don't have executives, business development, or even a dedicated office space, meaning clients pay for our work, not our overhead. Our lean approach allows us to keep rates low and ensure that every dollar billed goes directly to the project team or to tools that improve our process.



Whether our clients only need help with a portion of the development cycle, or have to go from idea to full production, our small team can adapt to ever-changing project goals. We’ve also embraced the new wave of online collaboration tools so we’re able to integrate effectively with clients both local and abroad.


Making is an essential part of our process, and our workshop is equipped with the tools we need to prototype quickly. The ability to build and test components in-house allows us to speed up development and reduce cost. If we can't make a part ourselves, we'll use our network of quick-turn vendors to produce it for us.


The Team

We are a group of independent consultants that believe we are stronger working together.


Josh gomes

mechanical engineer


jeremy cosgrove

industrial designer


Kyle dumont

Electrical engineer